Tao Te Ching by LAO TSU

Translation by Gia Fu Feng and Jane English
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The Daily Tao was born in Rochester, Vermont during the Summer of 1997.
I had aquired a copy of Tao Te Ching Translation by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English some years earlier and found that reading one passage per day was an effective albeit slow way to internalize the lessons of this important work of Chinese philosophy. The idea for this site grew from a 6 line Javascript function designed to display a random page each time a visitor loaded the site.

Now, Jane and I are privileged to bring to you yet another manifestation. The text has been revised to be more accessible to a modern, changing world and many readers may find that this latest revision is refreshing and honest.

My personal thanks go out to Gia-fu, whos vision has greatly enlightened me, and Jane, whos patient and wise perspective of the world through the lens of her camera has inspired me.

Please stop back and visit, as we will be adding more features to the site in the near future.